Savings & Investments

Special Savings


Open a "Special Savings" account today and enjoy up to 5%pa on your balance.

T&Cs apply

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Group Banking



For groups, associations, coperatives. 

We have the right package for you to help you achieve your individual and collective targets.

Easy access to credits

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Regular Savings


Open a savings account as an individual, for a company/corporate, joint, etc. 

Our current account allows you to process your salaries, deposit cheques and issue cheques to people

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Minors Account


Teach your kids banking at an early stage. 

Save for their tuition, etc.

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Fixed Deposit


Enjoy the best rate in town! 

Depending on the amount you want to invest and the duration, our rates are competitive.

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If you have any questions, kindly click on the button below. If you still need more clarifications, please go to our contact page, book an appointment with us or walk into any branch close to you.

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dial *540*285*0# to check your balance and *540*285*amount# for airtime

Anunwa, James



I wish to certify that ALLWORKERS MFB is indeed a house hold name in the economic environment of Imo State and beyond. Like a customer, I see banking with Allworkers MFB as a catalyst to economic development of the young enterprise.

I am a beneficiary of their numerous credit facilities and therefore recommend it to upcoming entrepreneurs.

BK Farms Nig. Ltd


 "With support from ALLWORKERS MFB, my agro-business improved tremendously. My capital base grew by over 300% in 3 years. Thanks to Allworkers MFB.” 

BK Farms Nig. Ltd


Fish farming at BK Farms Nig. Ltd