Mobile Banking


Your account on-th-go. Safe and secure in your pockets, our mobile app allows you to buy airtime, transfer funds across banks, pay for DSTv and other bills.

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Funds Transfer


Transfer funds to any commercial bank and numerous microfinance banks in Nigeria. 

You can also receive funds directly into your account from any bank.

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Pay your Bills


Airline tickets, Cable TV, DSTv, GoTv, Chinese Embassy fees, Church Donations, School Fees and Tuitions, Internet Subscription, Utility Bills and many more.

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TV Subscription


Never allow your cable tv subscription to expire. 

Even if it does, you're one click away from restoring it. 

Make your ayments through us. 

Safe. Simple. Easy. 

DSTv, GoTv, MyTv, etc.

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Are you travelling?


Buy your airline tickets using our platform.

Pay your embassy fees using our platform.

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 If you have any questions, kindly click on the button below. If you still need more clarifications, please go to our contact page, book an appointment with us or walk into any branch close to you. 

Any Questions?

dial *540*285*0# to check your balance and *540*285*amount# for airtime